How to Machine Bind a Quilt

Binding a quilt is the last step in the quilt finishing process and is the final thing standing between you and having a gorgeous, custom quilt adorning your home. If this is your first time learning how to bind a quilt by machine, you may be feeling lost or overwhelmed with all of the steps you need to undergo. That is why Quilting Mayhem has created this easy quilt binding tutorial to help new quiltmakers finish off their creative works.

Quilt Binding 101

Quilt binding is a strip of fabric used to cover a quilt’s outer edge in order to protect it from fraying. Besides its practical benefits, quilt binding also adds an aesthetic flair to your quilt. You can use fabric that has already been implemented into the quilt design or you can introduce an entirely new fabric to give your quilt a boost of color.

How to Sew Binding on a Quilt: 24 Steps

  1. Calculate how much binding you will need by measuring your quilt.
  2. Cut your binding strips (many quilters prefer two or two-and-a-half-inch wide strips).
  3. Lay one strip of binding right side up with another binding strip lying right side down, forming a 90-degree angle with the pieces overlapping at the corners.
  4. Make a diagonal seam using your sewing machine to attach both binding strips together (the diagonal seam helps to reduce bulk).
  5. Trim off the overhanging edge of your binding at a 45-degree angle.
  6. Fold your binding strip in half so that the diagonal seam is on the inside.
  7. Iron the entire length of your binding strips.
  8. Starting on the backside of your quilt, place your binding strip 10-inches from the edge of your quilt.
  9. Using a walking foot, begin stitching your binding onto the back of your quilt (most quilters prefer to use a quarter seam allowance).
  10. Stop stitching when you arrive at a quarter-inch from the corner, rotate your quilt, and sew off the edge of your quilt and binding.
  11. To create a mitered binding, fold your binding away from the quilt at a 45-degree angle.
  12. Create a crease in the fabric before taking your binding and bringing it once again over your quilt (after this step, your binding should be running down another side of your quilt and you should have a nice, flat corner).
  13. Turn your quilt and begin stitching the new side (don’t forget to backstitch!).
  14. Repeat steps 10 through 12 as you arrive at each new corner of your quilt.
  15. Stop stitching your binding 10-inches before the edge of your quilt.
  16. Bring your binding tail to meet your other binding end.
  17. Position one over the top of the other.
  18. Find the middle point of where the two binding ends overlap and mark it with a fabric pen.
  19. Fold your quilt, aligning the binding ends.
  20. Cross ends in an “X” shape and pin them together.
  21. Make seam through the center of the fabrics.
  22. Lay binding flat to ensure that you did the steps correctly.
  23. Take scissors and trim the binding tail.
  24. Lay sewn binding on the quilt edge and continue stitching your binding until you have completed the entire side.


4 Steps For How to Make Quilt Binding

Creating your own custom quilt binding strips is far from difficult and ensures that your resulting quilt is customized and perfectly reflects your aesthetic tastes for your home.

Here are four steps for making custom binding strips:

  1. Choose your fabric (it can be one that’s already been used in the quilting design or a brand new one). Make sure that you pick a fabric that has fairly straight seams that can run parallel to the quilting edge.
  2. Decide on a binding width. If your quilt does not have a border your binding should be at least ¼-inch wide.
  3. Calculate how long you will need your binding strip to be in order to reach all the way around your quilt.
  4. Cut your binding strips using a rotary cutter and ruler.


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