How a Laurastar Ironing System Makes Better Quilts

We spend a lot of time thinking about our sewing machines – learning all the features, trying out the settings, and how to get the results we want for our quilts. But how much thought do you put into your other tools? What about your iron? It’s a key part of the quilting process, but so many people go with whatever they can pick up at a big box store and not a tool that is designed for quilting and sewing. Let’s talk about our Laurastar irons and how they can transform your quilts for the better.

Perfect Temperature Control

One of the major issues with irons for quilting is the lack of heat control. Traditional irons often have limited temperature settings, making it challenging to find the ideal heat for various fabrics. The Laurastar Ironing System features cutting-edge temperature control technology, allowing you to set the ideal heat for different fabrics. With precise temperature adjustments, you can protect delicate fabrics from scorching, singeing, or leaving shiny imprints. The system’s intelligent sensors maintain a constant temperature, ensuring consistent results without damaging your hard work.

Active Steam 

Laurastar incorporates active steam technology into their designs, which once you have you’ll wonder how you ever quilted without it. The powerful steam penetrates deep into the fabric, relaxing the fibers and making it easier to press seams and blocks. The controlled steam output ensures a uniform distribution, preventing uneven moisture on your quilt tops and fabrics. With the help of active steam, your quilt blocks get crisp and defined edges.

Vacuum Technology

One of the coolest Laurastar features is built-in vacuum technology; it ensures precise fabric positioning during ironing, preventing shifting or stretching of quilt blocks. By securing the fabric in place with gentle suction, you can achieve accurate seam allowances, reduce the chances of fabric distortion, and create flawless flat quilt tops. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Ergonomic Design with Ultra-Light Construction

Quilting projects often involve hours of ironing, and maneuvering a heavy iron around a big quilt top can be both physically exhausting and time consuming. Laurastar is an ultra-light iron with an ergonomic design, which helps reduce the strain on your wrists and arm while you use it for those marathon sessions. Its lightweight construction allows for effortless gliding over fabric, ensuring smooth and consistent pressing throughout your quilting process. 

Save Time for the Fun Parts

With its rapid heat-up feature, the iron is ready for use in seconds, eliminating time standing around and waiting. Additionally, the system’s large water tank minimizes the need for frequent refills, allowing for longer uninterrupted ironing sessions allowing you time to focus on the creative aspects of quilting and complete projects faster without compromising accuracy.

When it comes to quilting, finding investing in the right tools can make a world of difference in your quilt. The Laurastar irons’ advanced technologies help you create better quilts more easily. If you want to try one for yourself, and who wouldn’t, come by Quilting Mayhem!

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