The B790 Pro is Made for You

Sometimes it’s hard to get excited about a new gadget. You get the feeling that it wasn’t actually made for quilters and their problems. Machine makers don’t remember that sometimes threading the needle is fiddly. Or that a quarter inch seam can need a little guidance. Or the machine goes fast, but it sure goes loud, too. When we saw the new BERNINA 790 Pro, we knew it was different. The 790 Pro includes all the things a quilter needs to have the smoothest, most fulfilling sewing experience from their sewing machine.

The 790 Pro is made for you.


Make it innovative.

The 790 Pro is the newest machine from BERNINA, and they made sure to give it everything you could need. The Automatic Needle Threader ensures transitioning to a different thread doesn’t slow down your project. With the simple push of a button, the machine threads the needle for you on its own. Designed to accommodate needles starting from a size of 70, this feature ensures that both standard sewing and embroidery needles are threaded with ease.

The Pro has an expansive 7″ color touch display. And if that wasn’t enough, the screen is a treasure trove of tips, tutorials, and tricks, ensuring every stitch you make is backed by expert knowledge.

Make embroidery easier.

The 790 Pro boasts the next-gen stitchprecision2 Technology, ensuring your embroidery stands out in both speed and quality. BERNINA’s Swiss innovations deliver up to a 33% increase in SDT embroidery speed all while being quieter than other models.

Embroidery design placement can often be tricky, but not with the 790 Pro’s new 4-Point Placement feature. You can quickly align your design or morph it to fit a particular boundary, ensuring your embroidery is picture perfect.

Make precise stitches.

It’s got a laser! The BERNINA Pinpoint Laser does wonders by pinpointing exactly where the needle meets the fabric. This next-generation precision tool marks both your starting and traveling points as your project progresses. No more guesswork; just clear, precise stitches, every time. 

Make it quilt.

The BERNINA 790 Pro has the newly introduced Customizable Quilt Designs (.bqm) feature that bridges the gap between professional longarm quilting and embroidery machines, allowing users to quilt with the expertise of a pro. This advanced function offers unlimited scaling options and the flexibility to adjust stitches per inch (SPI). Coupled with enhanced quilt securing functions, this ensures impeccable computerized quilting outcomes using your embroidery machine.

Make it yours.

Personalization is front and center on the 790 Pro with the Stitch Designer feature. This innovative tool not only lets you modify existing stitch patterns but also create your unique stitch ideas by drawing them directly on the touch screen. Then it’s a breeze to adjust stitch points, whether you’re creating a new design or tweaking an existing one. After crafting your individual stitch patterns, you can save them in your personal stitch library for future projects with the touch of a button.

The BERNINA 790 Pro is a dream of a machine. It’s designed from top to bottom so that you can spend more of your time sewing. From simple tasks such as threading the machine to things that require more finesse like embroidery placement, the 790 Pro is made with you in mind. 

Come by Quilting Mayhem to try one and discover how it was made for you!

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