The Best Threads for Your Domestic Sewing Machine

If you’re a quilter, you know that the right thread can make all the difference in your project. Accurate points and intersections, lumpy seams, a dusty machine, all of these things are down to the thread you choose. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favorite threads for your sewing machine.

The Solids

Aurifil 50wt Solids:

  • Description: Aurifil’s 50wt/2ply thread is a favorite among quilters for good reason.This premium cotton thread boasts strength and durability while maintaining a remarkably thin profile. It produces flat and crisp seams, making it ideal for piecing.
  • Uses: This thread is perfect for piecing, machine applique, quilting, embroidery, and more.
  • Needle Recommendations: We recommend using 80/12 Microtex/Sharp, Universal, Quilting, or Denim Needles for best results.



  • Description: Superior’s Masterpiece thread is crafted from Egyptian cotton, known for its extra-long staple fibers. This results in a thread with exceptional strength, minimal lint, and Superior (that’s right, we said it) piecing capabilities. Its fine spinning and twisting create perfectly pieced seams with a smooth thread finish.
  • Uses: Masterpiece thread is perfect for piecing seams with precision, so think foundation paper piecing as well as your regular piecing projects.
  • Recommended Needle Sizes: For best results, we recommend using 80/12 Microtex or 90/14 Quilting Needles.



  • Description: Wonderfil’sl Konfetti thread is a premium 50wt, 3-ply thread made from mercerized Egyptian cotton. It undergoes a double-gassing process to remove lint, resulting in a soft, clean, and lustrous finish. Free of any wax or coating, this low-lint thread is a popular choice among quilters for its quality and versatility.
  • Uses: Konfetti thread is perfect for quilting, longarming, embroidery, applique, and more.
  • Recommended Needle Sizes: We suggest using 80/12 Microtex, 90/14 Quilting, or 80/12 Topstitch Needles for optimal performance.



  • Description: OESD’s Isacord thread is the universal, premier machine embroidery thread for your machine. It is a polyester continuous filament, comes in tons of great colors, and is robust and perfect for all machine embroidery.
  • Uses: Isacord thread is our go-to choice for machine embroidery.
  • Recommended Needle Sizes: You should use either 80/12 Organ or Schmetz Titanium Embroidery Needles and a thread net!


The Variegateds

King Tut:

  • Description: Superior’s King Tut thread is made from Egyptian cotton and is renowned for its vibrant variegated colors and exceptional quality. With its extra-long staple fibers and low lint, this thread delivers a smooth quilting experience on both home and longarm machines.
  • Uses: Perfect for adding dimension to quilting designs topstitching projects.
  • Recommended Needle Sizes: Needle sizes may vary based on your machine type and quilting preferences.



  • Description: Wonderfil’s Fruitti thread is a bold and dramatic 12wt variegated thread made from Egyptian cotton. Fruiti is full of vibrant colors while still having a soft, clean finish, making it ideal for showcasing stitching and designs. With its double-gassing process, Fruitti thread offers minimal lint and optimal performance.
  • Uses: Suitable for machine quilting, embroidery, and more.
  • Recommended Needle Sizes: We recommend using 90/14 or 100/16 Topstitch Needles for machines, and Longarm 18 for longarm quilting applications.

Choosing the right thread is essential for achieving the results you want with your sewing projects. With our expert recommendations and huge thread selection at Quilting Mayhem, we’re sure you’ll pick the perfect thread for your next masterpiece!


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