Everything You Need to Know About Cuddle Fabric

If you’ve ever wrapped yourself in a blanket that feels like a cloud or snuggled up in a robe that make you never want to get out of bed, chances are you’ve experienced the magic of Cuddle fabric. But what is Cuddle, and how can you use it in your projects?

What is Cuddle?

Cuddle fabric is a type of plush, knit fabric known for its incredibly soft and velvety texture. Made from polyester, this fabric is designed to mimic the softness of real fur. Despite its soft texture, Cuddle fabric is quite durable. It’s resistant to pilling and washes well, making it ideal for everyday and well-loved items. Also known as snuggle or minky, Cuddle is a popular choice for baby products, cozy blankets, garments, and home dec projects.

Cuddle Project Ideas


Of course you can quilt with Cuddle! Its softness and warmth make it an excellent choice for baby blankets, throws, and even bedspreads. Cuddle even comes in extra wide widths so you can use it as a backing for your quilt that everyone will want to snuggle with.


Cuddle fabric is also fantastic for making clothes. You could make your own faux fur coat out of cuddle, a snuggly robe, or some loungewear that you can’t wait to put on after a long day. The fabric’s warmth and gentle touch against the skin make it a popular choice for winter wear and baby clothes.

Home Décor Projects

Beyond quilts and clothing, Cuddle can be used to make plush pillows, soft upholstery and furniture, or even curtains that add a touch of luxury to any room. For a whimsical touch, you can create stuffed animals or decorative cushions that are both charming and huggable.

Tips for Sewing with Cuddle Fabric

While Cuddle fabric is a joy to touch and use, it does require some special considerations when sewing:

Use a Walking Foot: Cuddle is bulky, so a walking foot helps to evenly feed the fabric through your sewing machine, preventing it from slipping.

Pin Generously: Because Cuddle fabric is slippery, use plenty of pins or clips to keep your pieces aligned as you sew.

Consider a Stretch Needle: Cuddle is a knit fabric, and a stretch needle can help prevent skipped stitches, ensuring a smooth sewing experience.

Mind the Mess: The pile from Cuddle fabric will go everywhere while you’re cutting. Make sure to have a vacuum or lint roller 

So, next time you’re planning a project, consider reaching for Cuddle fabric at Quilting Mayhem—you’ll be creating something that’s not only beautiful but irresistibly touchable.

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