Meet the Mayhem Makers: DeeAnn

We’re back with another chat with one of our Mayhem Makers. Quilting Mayhem is a big place, and everyone has their favorite part. There’s beautiful fabrics, advanced machines, and ideas everywhere. Let’s talk to one of our resident experts.

My name is DeeAnn and I work in the machine department.

Hi, DeAnn! Let’s get to it. How did you get started quilting or sewing?

I started sewing as a young child, learning from my Grandmother, Mother, and Aunts.

A family affair! What’s your favorite part of the quilting process?

Choosing just the right fabrics for each project

It’s the best. And it’s so much fun helping customers pick out the perfect combinations! What about our least favorite part of the quilting process?

Squaring up blocks

Right? It can be tedious, but those perfect points are hard to beat. You said you love choosing fabrics for a project. Who’s your favorite fabric designer?

If I have to pick just one I guess it would be Zen Chic

With your machine expertise, we can’t wait to hear your pick for a favorite tool or notion. What’s your favorite?

My Laurastar Lift! It makes pressing ANYTHING a breeze!

Great pick! We have a blog post all about how a Laurastar iron will make your quilting easier here.

Let’s switch gears and play a game of would you rather. On your marks, get set, GO!

Would you rather do a project with applique or foundation paper piecing?


Would you rather bind a king size quilt or square up 500 half square triangles?

Bind a king size quilt

And it’s time for the lightning round! You have to make a quilt in a weekend for a baby shower/retirement party/holiday gift, and you definitely forgot to do it ahead of time. What pattern are you going to pick?

Irish Chain

Look for DeeAnn in machineland at Quilting Mayhem! She’ll give you all of her best tips and tricks on becoming a sewing machine master. And maybe even show you the new machine of your dreams only from Quilting Mayhem!

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