Creative Habits for Temperature Quilts

We’ve talked before about our Top 5 Tips for Planning Your Temperature Quilt, but let’s look at it from a different perspective. As we step into a new year, full of possibilities and resolutions, a temperature quilt helps you make room for a bit of daily sewing time. It’s not only about tracking your days, but keeping your days creative. 

Choosing Your Color Palette

The first step in planning your temperature quilt is to decide on the temperature range for each fabric. Usually, each color represents a five-degree temperature range with purples, blues, and cool tones as the lower temperatures, gradually transitioning to the warmth of oranges and reds for higher ones. Quilting Mayhem has a couple of options for ready made palettes to create a beautiful ombre effect for your temperature quilt. But don’t feel that you have to be tied to that color range. If you’re passionate about purple, pull all the best purples from Quilting Mayhem (we have lots to choose from) and weave the spectrum of purples through your quilt.

Stitch the Story of Each Day

The heart of temperature quilting lies in the daily combination of two fabrics into a simple block, one fabric representing the high temperature and the other the low. Whether you decide to sew a quilt block daily or prefer stitching in batches later, the key is to maintain a consistent effort. Create a daily, or weekly, dedicated time to work on your quilt. 

Your Color Chart is Your Roadmap

To keep track of which color goes where with your temperature quilt, we recommend creating a chart with fabric swatches, temperature ranges, color names, and order numbers. This tool will keep your project manageable, make sure you get your 2024 chart from Quilting Mayhem.

Your Quilt as Your Scrapbook

As your temperature quilt takes shape, it transforms into a tangible record of your specific year but temperature doesn’t have to be the only thing you track. You can take the temperature quilt concept and create a daily stitching ritual to celebrate the first year in a new home, a milestone birthday, even things like the amount of time you got to spend gardening. Just like your color palette, your temperature quilt can be customized to record any important event.

However you plan your temperature quilt, Quilting Mayhem has everything you need so you can create the quilt that celebrates your year. 



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